Report Page

What is the purpose of reporting a page? #

A report page is a powerful tool that enables users to present data, findings, and insights in a structured and organized format. Designed to convey information effectively, report pages provide a comprehensive overview of a particular topic, project, or analysis.

When creating a report page, make sure the content is accurate, relevant, and suitable for your intended audience. Inappropriate or poorly done content can reduce the credibility and impact of your report. Follow ethical guidelines, and professional standards, and consider what your audience expects when selecting and presenting the information.

By maintaining high-quality content, your report page can effectively convey your message, support decision-making, and leave a positive impression on your readers. Presenting data, insights, and findings in a well-structured and appropriate manner strengthens the overall impact and value of your report page.

What is the process for reporting a page if the content is inappropriate? #

Step 1 : Please navigate to the page for which you would like to report.

Step 2 : To locate the reporting feature, look for the sidebar burger icon positioned at the top left of the page.

Step 3 : Within the sidebar menu, you will find the flag icon that is used for reporting purposes.

Step 4 : After clicking the “Report” button, you will be prompted to fill out a form.

Step 5 : Once you have completed the form, simply click the “Report Now!” button to submit your report.

Step 6 : Upon submission, your report will be recorded and undergo analysis before any actions are taken in response to the reported page.

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