Assign Editor

What is Assign Editor? #

The assigned editor referred to in this context is an authorized individual who possesses the necessary permissions and access rights to make changes to the content of a webpage. This role is typically designated to individuals who are responsible for managing and maintaining the website or online platform.

However, it’s important to note that the ability to edit page content is exclusively available to members with active memberships or those who hold ownership of the page. This ensures that only authorized individuals with a vested interest in the page’s performance and maintenance have the ability to modify its content.

Being an authorized editor comes with certain responsibilities and privileges. These individuals are entrusted with the task of keeping the webpage up-to-date, ensuring accurate information, and improving its overall quality. They have the freedom to make changes to various aspects of the page, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements.

In conclusion, the assigned editor with the necessary permissions plays a pivotal role in shaping the content of a webpage. Their responsibilities extend beyond mere text changes, encompassing the task of maintaining the page’s accuracy, relevance, and user-friendliness. With their expertise and access rights, they contribute to the success and effectiveness of the webpage, ultimately benefiting the users and achieving the desired goals of the website or online platform.

Where can I add Assign Editor? #

Step 1 : Login and open the page you want to edit.

Step 2 : Tap the toggle sidebar at the top-right of your page.

Step 3 : Tap the icon brush at the top-left of the sidebar.

Step 4 : Enter the email’s assigned editor.

Step 5 : Click on Submit button to save.

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