What is Orderla.my? #

Orderla.my provides a cost-free Quick-Commerce solution that is compatible with WhatsApp, specifically designed for micro and small to medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia.

Orderla.my allows you to easily and swiftly generate a free ordering form that can be sent via WhatsApp, as well as manage your orders on their online portal.

How to add Orderla.my? #

Step 1 : Please log in and access the page you wish to change.

Step 2 : Tap the button “Add Orderla”.

Step 3 :You have the option to select either “Display Box” or “Fullscreen” as the display mode for Orderla..

Step 4 : Assign a text label for the Orderla button..

Step 5 : Enter the URL Orderla for the button.

Step 6 : Click on the “Save” button to save Orderla.

Can I hide the Orderla.my? #

Yes, it is indeed possible to hide the Orderla.my for your own specific purpose. Here are the steps to hide the Orderla.my :

Step 1 : To hide Orderla.my, click on the button Orderla.my and then tap the pencil icon located at the right corner of the button.

Step 2 : Simply locate the toggle button at the bottom of the panel and switch it off.

Step 3 : Once the toggle state is set to hide, the Orderla.my will become hidden.

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