Call to Action

What is a button Call to Action? #

A “button call to action” (CTA) is a word used in marketing and user interface design. It refers to a single element, generally a button, that stimulates or encourages a user to execute a specific action. A CTA’s objective is to direct visitors to a desired activity, such as signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, downloading a resource, or moving to a specified page.

The language on a CTA button is often action-oriented, conveying exactly what action the user will do when they click the button. CTAs may contain words such as “Sign Up Now,” “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” “Get Started,” and so on.

CTAs that are effective are critical in converting page visitors into engaged users or customers. CTA design, location, phrasing, and overall presentation can influence user decision-making and steer them to the intended goal. As a consequence, organizations and designers put in a lot of work to optimize their CTAs in order to increase conversion rates and achieve their objectives.

How can I update the label and URL of a CTA button? #

Step 1: Click on the “Call to Action” button located at the bottom of the hero section.

Step 2: Provide the button label and URL that you’d like visitors to be redirected to.

Step 3: We’ve compiled a list of URLs for TikTok filters, and the choice is yours to freely select from these options for your CTA. Additionally, you have the flexibility to insert your own URL if you prefer.

What is the process for uploading images to be used as button logos? #

Step 1 : To upload an image, simply select the button and tap on the image icon.

Step 2 : Select your desired image file by tapping on the “Choose file” icon.

Step 3 : After selecting your desired image file, you can proceed to upload it by tapping on the “Upload” button.

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