Create a Page for Client

This feature is exclusively available for users who have a vendor membership. With this membership, users have special abilities to create customized pages for their clients, such as event pages, wedding pages, business pages, or education pages.

Having a vendor membership provides users with a range of benefits and tools that can help to enhance their page creation process, including access to advanced features and design options. This can ultimately lead to a more professional and polished final product, which can be especially important for users who are creating pages on behalf of their clients.

Overall, vendor membership is a valuable tool for users who are looking to expand their page creation abilities and provide high-quality pages for their clients.

What are the steps to create a page for a client? #

Step 1 : Upon logging into your account, you will be directed to the Dashboard page.

Step 2 : To create a new page, navigate to the menu and select “My Account” followed by “My Client” and “Register New Page”.

Step 3 : Enter your client’s email address and the desired page ID to begin creating a webpage for them.

Step 4 : Once you click the “Register” button, the page will be automatically created and you will be redirected to your client page.

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