What is Article? #

Articles can take many forms, such as news articles, feature articles, opinion pieces, instructional articles, and more. They can be written in different styles and tones, depending on the intended audience and purpose.

In journalism, articles are typically written in a straightforward, objective style and focus on providing accurate and impartial information about a news event or issue. In contrast, feature articles are often more creative and narrative-driven, and may explore a particular topic or person in greater depth.

How to add an article #

Step 1 : Please login and access the page you wish to change.

Step 2 : Click on the “Add Article” button.

How to edit an article? #

Step 1 : Create an article by adding text and images, and customize its style to your liking.

Step 2 : Finalize your edits by submitting the article.

Can I hide the article? #

Yes, it is indeed possible to hide the article for your own specific purpose. Here are the steps to hide the article:

Step 1 : Simply locate the toggle button at the bottom of the article and switch it off.

Step 2 : Once the toggle state is set to hide, the article will become hidden.

How to remove an article? #

Step 1 : Click on the trash icon located at the right-top of the article.

Step 2 : If you are certain that you want to delete the article, you can tap “Ok” on the confirmation alert.

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