Language Page

What is Language Page? #

The Language Page feature empowers page owners with the ability to seamlessly create a globally accessible online presence by offering content in multiple languages. This innovative tool allows page administrators to cater to diverse audiences, breaking down language barriers and ensuring an inclusive user experience.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Language Selection: The creator page have full control over the languages available on their platform. With the Language Page, they can effortlessly set up different language versions of their page, each functioning as an independent entity with its unique content. Visitors are automatically redirected to the appropriate language page based on their browser settings, enhancing convenience and personalization.
  2. User-Friendly Interface Options: The Language Page offers visitors a seamless language-switching experience through a choice of two distinct approaches: a straightforward language choice button and a grouped language selection menu. This flexibility ensures that the language-switching process aligns seamlessly with the overall design and user experience of the page.
  3. Button Display Modes:
    • Individual Language Buttons: The creator page can show distinct buttons for each language option, allowing visitors to directly select their preferred language.
    • Grouped Language Buttons: Alternatively, creators can use a single button to reveal a menu of language choices, saving space and providing an organized selection process.
  4. Effortless Content Management: The Language Page automatically connects language versions, making it a breeze to update and maintain content across all pages simultaneously. This reduces administrative overhead and ensures that the user experience remains uniform across languages.

In a globalized world, the Language Page is a vital tool for businesses, organizations, and creators aiming to connect with diverse audiences. By offering customizable language options and intuitive interface choices, the owner page can transcend linguistic barriers and create an inclusive digital environment that resonates with visitors from around the world. Experience the power of the Language Page and unlock a new level of engagement on your page.

Where can I start setting up my language page? #

Step 1 : Please login and access the page you wish to add the language page.

Step 2 : Click the “Set Page Language Variation” button to begin entering the label and page URL for your desired language. English serves as the default language.

Step 3 : Set user preference for remembering language choices across pages with multiple language options.

Step 4 : Upon clicking the “Save” button, the language variation will be automatically added to the visitor’s page.

How can I assign the page language to an individual button? #

Step 1 : Before setting the page language as a button, you must establish at least one-page language to proceed with the setup.

Step 2 : Once you have established at least one page of language, you can click on the “Add Language Button” button.

Step 3 : Subsequently, you can select and add the desired languages to the page individually and click “Add Button, one at a time.

Step 4 : A button will be displayed as an individual button.

How can I make the page language appear in a grouped button? #

Step 1 : Before setting up the page language as a button, you must establish at least one-page language to proceed with the setup.

Step 2 : Once you have established at least one page of language, you can click on the “Add Language Menu” button

Step 3 : The process will automatically configure the grouped button to show only the page URLs that have been set up.

Is it possible to delete an individual page language? #

Certainly, you can delete page language. However, for group page languages, disabling the grouping only turns off that feature, while the list of page languages will still be available as individual buttons for future use.

Step 1 : To remove a page language, choose the button corresponding to the language you wish to delete, and then click on the trash icon located on the right side of the button.

Step 2 : This action will automatically remove the page language from your page.

Where can I edit the label of a button for an individual language? #

You have two options for editing the label of a button. The first involves directly editing the button’s page language by clicking the pencil icon. Alternatively, you can modify all label page languages at once by accessing the “Set Page Language Variation” button.

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