Create a Basic Page

What is a Basic Page? #

A Basic Page is a type of page that is created with a random page ID and offers limited features. This type of page is designed to provide users with a simple and functional platform that can be used for various purposes, including business, education, or events. Despite its limited functionality, Basic Pages are a popular choice for users who want to create a page quickly and easily, without having to invest too much time and resources in the design and development process.

How to create a basic page? #

Step 1 : Upon logging into your account, you will be directed to the Dashboard page.

Step 2 : To create a new page, navigate to the menu and select “My Account” followed by “My Pages” and “Create Page”.

Step 3 : Select the “Basic page” option and review the available features. Once you have determined that this is the appropriate selection for your needs, click the “Create Now” button to proceed.

Step 4 : Upon clicking the “Create Now” button, the basic page will be automatically generated and you will be directed to your new page.

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