Section Image

What is a section image? #

A section image is a visual element that can be added to a section of your page to enhance its appearance or communicate a specific message to the viewer. It is a type of image that is placed within a specific section of a page, often alongside text or other content. Section images can vary in size, shape, and content, depending on the overall design and purpose of the page.

We offer 5 different section images to ensure that users have a variety of options to choose from and can select the one that best suits their needs.

How to add a section image? #

Step 1 : Please log in and access the page you wish to change.

Step 2 : Tap the button “Add Image”.

Step 3 : Click on the pencil icon located at the top corner of your section image.

Step 4 : Click on the “Choose file” icon and then select the image file that you would like to use.

Step 5 : Click on the “Upload” button to initiate the uploading process.

How to remove the image section? #

Step 1 : Click on the delete icon located on the top-right at the image section.

Step 2 : If you are certain that you want to delete the image section, you can tap “Ok” on the confirmation alert.

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