Embed Sketchfab

Enhance your landing page with the immersive experience of embedded Sketchfab. By integrating Sketchfab, you can showcase 3D models, interactive animations, and virtual reality content directly on your webpage. This feature will captivate your visitors and provide them with an engaging and visually appealing experience. Take your landing page to the next level by incorporating embedded Sketchfab and let your audience explore your content in a whole new dimension.

How can I add embed Sketchfab? #

Step 1 : Please login and access the page you wish to add.

Step 2 : Click on the Sketchfab icon on the page.

Step 3 : Once you obtain the embed Sketchfab, insert the code in Embed Sketchfab.

Step 4 : Clicking the “Save” button will instantly add the embedded Sketchfab to your page, enriching it with immersive 3D content.

How can I remove embed Sketchfab? #

Step 1 : Click the trash icon on the button “Embed Sketchfab”.

Step 2 : By clicking on the trash icon, the embedded Sketchfab feature will be removed or deleted.

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